Automatic Screen Printing Table For Fabric 70×70 cm


Tired of screen printing by yourself? Difficult to find a screen printing expert with consistent screen printing results? Business grow quickly but lacking manpower? Here is the solution, automatic screen printing machine.

This machine moves the squeegee automatically, so you can just put the material you want to be printed on the table, the machine moves on its own, you take the material that has been printed, with consistent results on every prints.

Print area: 70 x 70 cm * maximum, can be adjusted
Screen size: 80 x 90 cm * maximum, can be adjusted
Table size: 100 x 120 cm
Operational air pressure: 5-7 bar * need an air compressor
Weight: 100 KG
Speed: around 200 screen prints / hour * depends on operator


The machine will prints after the foot pedal is pressed. Set the material on the table, step on the pedal, machine prints 1 time, stop. Take the material from the table, put the next material, step on the pedal again, the machine prints again, and so on.

Prints 1-9 Times
The number of strokes can be set, from 1 time to 9 times if you want thicker results.

Everything Can Be Adjusted
Screen holder can be moved to adjust according to screen size. The distance and position of the squeegee rubber stroke can be adjusted. Thin or thick materials can be adjusted.

Can Go Through Small Door
This screen printing machine is disassembled so that it can enter room with a small door, but because of that, every purchase of this machine requires a visit from our team for initial assembly and training. Free initial assembly and training costs for the Jabotabek area, beyond that, there will be additional costs depending on the region.

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