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Advantages of Nectex Brand Screen Printing Mesh

Screen printing mesh, or as some said monyl fabric, which we sell is Nectex. There are many other brands screen mesh, why are we selling this brand? Because we have done selection of many brands, and get the result that Nectex brand screen printing mesh have the best quality in its class. Made with quality […]

Roll Heat Press vs Flat Heat Press

In addition to flat heat press such as JC5B , Provenio also provides heat press roll machine with a drum-shaped heat press surface. There is a significant price difference between these two types of heat press machines, but the price difference is accordance to the difference in benefits. The heat press roll machine lets you […]

Basic Screen Printing Equipment List

Basically, there are only 5 manual screen printing equipments, ie: 1. Screen 2. Photo Emultion 3. Photo Emultion Remover 4. Squeegee 5. Ink Those five equipments have their own type again depending on material to be screen printed. For those who just started in screen printing, we recommend screen print to cotton / cotton media […]